Thursday, June 6, 2013

Appalling rip off @ The Century

This experience was the worst dinner I have ever had.  We were on a company dinner and paid $80 per person. There were 50 of us and all up we spent $5000 here and all of us could not give it more than a 3 out of 10! Where do I even begin...

Firstly, we had to wait for ages before food started to be served. When you go to a chinese restaurant, where you sit with a turntable, you expect to be eating lots and be very satisfied, especially if you are paying $80pp! Totally opposite! Food came out to us and were apportioned and each of us got a tiny bit of everything

We had a couple of pieces of cucumber, a piece of pancake, a tasteless san choy bow, a couple of pieces of beef, Mongolian lamb (like seriously of all dishes this???), tasteless fried rice, 3 pieces of brocolli, 3 pieces of snow peas, 2 pieces of roast chicken, a spoonful of steamed fish and 2 small pieces of crab. For dessert, we had a fruit platter and cookies.

The food arrived at different pace. The service was bad, one of us was vegetarian and wanted to have a look at the menu to get his food and was refused.

None of the food tasted great. We felt so hungry after the meal. There are no photos I can post up because we didn't get a proper plate of food on the turntable!


Food: Mostly tasteless, poor!

Ambience: We had our own private room, the only saving grace about this place

Value: Worst rip off ever!

Nutritional value: Hungry at the end of it

Overall: Not dazzling and not deelicious!

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