Monday, June 10, 2013

Breakfast @ XXII

On a public holiday Monday noon, a girlfriend and I caught up in our local breakfast institution... XXII... been here a couple of times and must say that althought it serves decently good food, there is nothing to wow about... one of the pluses was that we were not charged a public holiday surcharge.

Coffee and tea were good with nothing to complain about... service on the other hand was a bit questionable in quality... the waitress who looked like she is Eastern European was not friendly and was speaking to us in tone that felt agressive (although it could just be the accent)... we asked to have 2 little plates to eat on as we were sharing our food but when the food came, she insisted that we removed those plates as the table would be too crowded... we didn't mind having a crowded table and she was probably right that it would be better without the plates but the way she told us what we should do made us feel like it was a bit rude... We were asked a couple of times if we were done with our food when clearly I was still eating

Big Breakfast - mushrooms missing
I had the big breakfast... It was definitely big but it promised mushrooms but didn't have any... the sourdough bread was cut too thick and so I could only chew off half of one slice... the sausage was not very tasty... the hash brown was delicious... overall, it was edible but nothing to write home about...


Breakfast stack - weirdly placed on side of plate
My girlfriend had the breakfast stack which had poached eggs, haloumi, avocado, tomatoes on sourdough bread... it tasted good... but was placed weirdly on one side of the plate, which showed the lack of care for the presentation... it wasn't even a busy day so there wasn't a good reason for this


Food: Good but nothing to write home about

Ambience: Situated in a nice old building in an open space

Value: Big breakfast for $16 and breakfast stack for $15.50... pretty good value

Nutritional value: Couldn't taste very fresh ingredients but meal was quite balanced nonetheless

Overall: Not dazzling but quite deelicious

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